SEO code of Ethics

Web Devotee is fully committed to upholding the highest professional and ethical standards always. We offer multiple digital marketing services, and all of them either directly or indirectly depend on search engine optimization to increase our clients’ returns on investment. All our experts embrace the SEO code of ethics, given that they perfectly mirror our company’s policy. Read on for the code of ethics that our company is fully committed to living by as we serve you.

We Prioritize the Safety of Our Clients

We protect our clients from all forms of danger. To mitigate the risk, we pledge not to do trial-and-error with our clients’ work. This means we cannot use any technique or technology that can cause search engines to penalize your sites in any way.

Whenever we have issues with the adherence to standards, we only address them through the Robots Exclusion Standard.

We Obey the Law

Our company commits to observe all the laws that govern search engine optimization and related services. Some of the legal issues that we keep away from are the deliberate violation of copyright or legal requirements of spamming.

We Uphold Search Engine and Directories Published and Enforced Rules

Rules and guidelines that govern the operation of search engines or directories change from time to time. We commit to keep tracking the changes and comply with them at all times to meet the expectation of our clients.

Whenever our SEO experts consider that the rules and guidelines are unclear, we seek clarification from the relevant search engine. We then wait for approval and carry on with the work when we are sure the clients’ job is safe.

Our Company Commits to Respect the Privacy of Our Clients

Web Devotee does crucial work that requires the highest level of privacy. Some of them pertain to intellectual property and lead information. As we have always done, we reaffirm our commitment that we shall never divulge any piece of information that relates to the businesses.

All our employees have signed the non-disclosure agreement. From our experience, this is an efficient strategy to preserve the confidentiality of all our clients.

We Have to Meet the Realistic Expectations of Our Clients

At no time shall we make false and unrealistic promises to our customers for any short-term gains. Whatever we say or do with our clients has to be governed by the principles of honesty, integrity, and total respect for each other. Besides, our core aim should be to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

We Commit to Treat Our Clients in a Fair Manner

Our actions toward our clients must always be unbiased. Whenever they entrust us with the opportunity to help them improve their search ranking and sakes, we commit to act in a manner that demonstrates we trust them too.

At no time shall we have favorite clients. Instead, we shall persistently invest in improving the business to make everyone enjoy our service.

Our Company Shall Only Present Original Work

At no time shall we replicate the work of other SEO experts and present it to our clients as it is ours. We consider plagiarism as a serious offense, and we shall avoid it at all costs. Whenever we intend to use content by another party, we shall seek express consent first and follow the rules that govern such relationships before we use the content.

We Shall Represent the True Organizational Identity of Web Devotee

We shall honestly communicate our performance and skillset to our clients. We cannot mislead them regarding the details of our SEO service, credentials, capacities, resources, success rates method, skills, or any other.

We Shall Observe the Principle of Justice Whenever the Need Arises

Since disputes do arise at the place of work, we have put in place strategies to ensure we serve justice at all times. The dispute resolution service is not only available but also user friendly. 

Whenever our clients have an issue, and they want to file a dispute, they are encouraged to get in touch with our well-trained customer support team. Once the case is filed, we attentively listen to all the affected parties and issues a ruling that does not adversely disadvantage the customer. In case we are sure the client’s right has been abused, we fully compensate.

These are the leading SEO code of ethics that we promise to use to guide the operations of Web Devotee as we serve our esteemed customers from all corners of the world. We pledge to live by the rules at all times.

While we know that a few people have not been able to live up to the ethical standards due to greed and lack of integrity, we are happy that our employees have proven that they are selfless. They work for the prosperity of our clients and make the hard choices to deliver on their promises. For that matter, we undertake to run our business with the highest degree of integrity, honesty, and loyalty to our clients. Do you need any clarification? Contact us, and you will get the appropriate feedback shortly.