Google Analytics service

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics platform. Its purpose is to provide valuable insights into how your website is performing, in conjunction with your online marketing efforts.

Analytics is all about Interpreting the raw data and an expert eye is often needed. Web Devotee can help your business identify the opportunities that will allow you to make subtle changes that can drive online visibility, traffic, site engagement, sales and conversions.

Website audit

Web Devotee can perform a website audit health check using Google Analytics and other specialist tools. A comprehensive audit can look page-by-page and check metrics such as conversions, linking, data integrity and page errors.

We can highlight the factors that are affecting Search Engine Results Pages rankings, known as SERPs. Google Analytics can be used to identify the page ranking for different keywords, showing you which pages are most valuable and which pages need attention.

A website audit can clearly show the bounce rates of pages, the average number of page views per visitor and the average time that a visitor spends on one of your pages. Past and present link acquisitions can be investigated to highlight the authority of these links and whether they are positively or negatively affecting your SERPs.

Google Analytics setup

Web Devotee can set up new or existing Google Analytics accounts for your business. We can handle the complications of implementing the tracking code and ensure that everything is configured correctly, so that you can focus on running your business.

We can ensure that the right data is captured, so that effective and valuable analysis can then be performed.

Analytics consultation

Once your Google Analytics are up and running, or if you have analytics set up but are not reaping the benefits, we can interpret the data to give you deeper insights. We can use Google Analytics to collect data across multiple websites and then create telling and bespoke reports.

Web Devotee will be able to alert you to changing trends, so that you can react appropriately. We can help you set up conversion funnels and then identify the conversion rate and volumes of each page, along with their commercial value.

With the insights gained from Google Analytics we will be able to help you drive maximum revenue, order value and profit.

Some Reasons that Make Us Different

Website Audit

We can create a comprehensive report detailing where you are now


We can show you the opportunities that will drive revenue

Analytics Setup

We can handle the complicated Google Analytics setup on your behalf

Linking data

We can highlight links that are having a negative or positive affect on your SERPs