If you are running an eCommerce store and are facing challenges such as server issues, low traffic, or low sales, you need to consult Web Devotee to point out the mistakes and help you to avoid them. Many people can advise you to seek the guidance of a more experience storeowner near you. This can work if the individual is your business mentor and desires to see you succeed.

The problem is that not many people have the time to help others who can be their competitors. We exist to give you a rare chance to overcome the troubles that often come during such turbulent times.

Understanding eCommerce Optimization

Digital marketers use this term to refer to the holistic approach to growing the customer base of their clients by improving their websites. Everything on the site, from navigation to product descriptions, should be tailored to increase the conversion rate. Since the conversion rate optimization is a complex process, you need to perform a thorough CRO audit to be able to identify what should change.

With our extensive experience, our experts have the skills and tools to correct the abnormalities and ultimately enhance the experience of your customers.

Many shoppers across the world trust eCommerce. Seventy-one percent of them believe that they can get quality service online.

Ironically, many businesses are not ready to win this massive chunk of the market. In the US, less than 30% of small businesses sell their products and services online. The number of small businesses that are currently optimizing their sites for this purpose is even much lower than this.

Whether you do not know much about eCommerce optimization or not but need to boost your online profits, we can help.

Web Devoteeā€™s Marketing Techniques

One of the reasons you should consider working with us is the eCommerce optimization techniques that we employ to help our customers. We do not believe in using low-quality techniques that can compromise your privacy and give you poor results.

The marketing tactics that Web Devotee uses to improve business sites are:

Optimized Content

Web Devotee knows that content marketing is one of the best ways to attract the ideal target market. If you want to increase your sales but cannot engage with your target audience, your business cannot thrive. We optimize your content to ensure your potential clients can find you when otherwise they could not by using the traditional methods.

Keyword Research

If you have great content but still not ranking well due to poor keyword research, we can help too. We audit your site to verify whether you are using the appropriate names and describing your products appropriately. We then help you to use the right words and phrases to target the people who need your products and services.

PCC Management

Our experts also have the knowledge to create for you Pay Per Click campaigns that increase the online visibility of your products. If you already have one, we professionally manage it on your behalf.

Blog Management

We encourage you to add a blog to your eCommerce store. For those we need help, our blogging experts guide them on how to go about this.

In the past, many people regarded blogging as a leisure activity. However, today, you can use your blogs to attract your customers back. Therefore, if you do not have one, you are losing many of your clients to your competitors.

For you to avoid this, post content on the latest trends and answer the questions of your audience in detail on your blog. Besides, whenever necessary, make important announcements there. This way, you create an opportunity for your online community to share the posts with others, which is a sure way of increasing the worth of your eCommerce store.

Benefits of Working with Web Devotee Experts

Professional Evaluations

If your eCommerce store has not been evaluated in the recent past, you are likely uninformed regarding what you should do to improve your sales. Our experts have the knowledge to assess the performance of your site and grant you accurate and useful feedback.

We can also ensure you get accurate keyword ranking and Google Analytics reports whenever you want. Moreover, whenever you need clarification, you can contact our experts at any time. They are ready to discuss with you any concerns or ideas and help you to make an informed decision that guarantees the success of your digital store.

Responsive Websites

Our expert web designers create responsive websites that you need to convert the majority of your leads. Since many of your prospects are using smartphones and tablets to compare different products online, we develop for you mobile-friendly websites. This way, we ensure you do not alienate this large chunk of the market.

Friendly Design

As professional web developers and designers, we provide you with top-notch designs that keep up with the prevailing trends in your industry. Many of your prospects consider the use of modern design as an indication of professionalism.

As you can see, if you are not an eCommerce optimization expert, you need the help of a professional. Contact us directly. We are happy to help.