Reliable WordPress Experts

As a seasoned business owner or blogger, you have learned how to install your WordPress, tweak your theme, set up the security plugin, and do almost every other thing yourself. This is entirely reasonable because you can conveniently find numerous valuable tutorials online and use them to do all these things whenever you want. However, when you are overburdened, you can still offload the work to reliable and competent WordPress experts.

The individuals who have not acquired the requisite skills and need the service urgently have a reason to hire our experts too.

Why Choose Web Devotee Experts

We Respect Deadlines and Our Commitments

We do not let our clients wait for a long time. Once we commit to complete your project, expect us to deliver it before the deadline. Moreover, we follow guidelines and charge you an affordable amount. This fact means that when you hire Web Devotee experts, you have the peace of mind.

Have Extensive Knowledge of the Market

With many years of experience, we have the required knowledge to research all types of market strategies. Before we start working on your project, our experts work hard to discover the requirements of your website. From the independent analysis, we can tell you, among other essential things, the theme that perfectly suits you and is within your budget.

We have updated market analysis data that we rely on to find your formidable competitors. We use the information to develop responsive websites.

Prompt and Effective Communication

Our experts are available 24/7 to communicate with you whenever you need it. We appreciate that this can guarantee customer satisfaction. The attention makes our customers feel how much we value them, and that is essential for developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Use Open Sources Software

To deliver a responsive website, we also use PHP, python, and other types of programming languages. This helps us to achieve the desired website speed, which has a direct impact on the traffic on your site. We also use SEO-optimized themes to improve your organic traffic.

How We Choose the Best WordPress Themes

Strive for Simplicity

We closely work together with all our clients to help them choose simplicity over sophistication. We have learned over the years that complex layouts and flashy animations hardly translate into conversions.

The right theme should help you to win new contracts or get more subscribers.

Prioritize Responsiveness

In the current era, the demand for responsive themes is higher than ever. It is no longer optional to choose themes that can adjust their layout across as many different screens and devices as possible. If you do everything well, depending on your niche, the amount of web traffic that originates from handheld devices could go past 50% of your visitors.

Google also ranks mobile-friendly websites high. This shows that choosing the right theme is an essential SEO strategy.

While most WordPress themes are optimized for search, you still need to take adequate care. The fixed-width layouts are always on the marketplace, and some sellers offer them to unsuspecting buyers for selfish reasons.

If you want to know how to test the responsiveness of your theme, it is simple. Resize your screen’s browser. If the layout of the theme adjusts to the width of the screens, you have chosen a responsive one.

Browser Compatibility

Some themes do not look perfect in some browsers. Unfortunately, you do not have control over your users’ choice of browser.

To solve this, we run the necessary tests on several themes to confirm their level of browser compatibility.

WordPress Themes that Web Devotee Uses

Divi Theme

We recommend Divi for people who want multiple visual elements that can help them to build inspiring sites. It comes with several free ready-made layouts that can also serve businesses that are operating in hundreds of industries or niches.

Another reason we cherish the theme is that it is entirely flexible, and anyone can use it.

Astra WordPress Theme

Astra is the fastest growing theme, and you can use it to create any site. It comes with multiple starter websites that can help you to launch your site in minutes. These ready-made sites are great for small business owners and bloggers.

Some of Astra’s amazing features are mega menu, custom widgets, mega menu, and page headers. The inbuilt SEO optimization also makes the perfect choice for many.

Themify Ultra

 This multipurpose theme builder is best for individuals that want to create sites with ease. This site comes with plenty of custom-made sites for photography, fashion, lifestyle, restaurant, magazine, and much more.

You can use the Themify page builder to customize your site. With the live WordPress customizer, you can set up and customize this theme whenever you want.

These are just a few examples of exemplary WordPress themes that you can use. There are several others out there that you likely need. Not all of them are the same, though. With our support, you can choose the one that best suits your business needs to achieve your career success without a sweat.