Web Design and Development Guide

Presently, everyone has to be creative and adopt a wide variety of unique tricks to build competitive businesses. If you are feeling the pressure and want to make a difference, ensure you work together with an experienced web design and development company that is committed to helping you create your brand’s perfect online face.

Website Designer vs. Website Developer

Do you need a web designer or developer? At Web Devotee, we offer all these two services. Some people confuse these two terms because both of them play a role in the process of building responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

Our web developers and web designers handle different tasks

The work of our web designers is to make your site look appealing. If you have issues with the style or the webpages’ overall feel, you need the service of these experts. However, web designers have different areas of specialization too. As such, when we contact us to help you improve the look of your site, we ask you a few questions to be able to look for you the most qualified expert among our website designers to help you professionally.

 Design specialists at Web Devotee that serve our customers are visual, user experience, and user interface designers.

These experts ensure you have a great experience

What are web developers? This is another group of experts in our team. They use the concepts of web designers to build useful websites. In particular, web developers specialize in designing web applications.

From the above explanation, we trust you can see a clear relationship between web designers and web developers. Web Devotee knows that we cannot help you if we hire many developers but few designers. The same applies if we do the reverse.

We care, and so, you can order any web development and design service at any time. Our web development specialists, which are back-end, full-end, and full-stack developers, are prepared to solve all your varied site-building needs.

How We Help Our Clients

We receive numerous calls and emails per day from our clients. To help all of them, we have all our specialists on standby to analyze the nature of the concerns and solve them as per the customers’ requirements.

Web Design Needs

If you contact us and we discover that your users have some difficulty interacting with your site’s elements, we assign a professional user interface designer to resolve it.

However, if you are attracting many visitors but have problems keeping them hooked on your site, we find a user experience designer that understands your user’s demographics as well as site-needs to help you. In some cases, the expert has to conduct prototype testing to be able to tailor your website to meet the needs of your audience.

What happens if your site has not only design issues but also a high bounce rate? We do not send you two web designers. We ask a visual web designer with great coding skills and the ability to conceptualize the tone and style of your business within a short time to address all the concerns.

Web Development Needs

We help our customers that need functional websites or struggle to fix bugs to benefit from the service of our trained back-end developers. These programming experts use SQL, C#, and Java to code on the databases and servers. Often, many people do not get a chance to work with them directly. When they have these issues, the site owners contact the host, who then use our service to help them.

If you want to make your website highly attractive by creating client lead forms and other features that users can like, our front-end developers are ready to help.

But if your site-building needs are more complex than this, we assign our expert full-stack developers to address your case. We are ready to help you.

Why Hire Web Devotee

Excellent Design and Development Skills

As you can see, we have a team of highly skilled experts that can meet all your web design and web development needs. You work with specialists, and never a jack-of-all-trade.

These specialists have a proven record of accomplishment.


Our specialists are extremely flexible because we know that your needs can change at any time. If, for example, you change your mind before the work is done, our experts adjust accordingly. Our focus is to give you the best experience.


Our managers, designers, and developers are open to communication with you. All of them know each of our client’s project requirements and consider their expectations to achieve the desired business goals.

We grant you, as our customer, the full freedom to monitor the entire web design and web development cycle and share your ideas, as you desire. We also take your suggestions for improvement seriously. All we require is the opportunity to design or develop fully functional websites. 

Do you need help? Our friendly experts are on standby to solve your problems. Feel free to contact us.