Do you want to ensure at least 80% of your local searches convert? Web Devotee knows what this means and is ready to give you the best experience. The figure shows that if 10 people within your neighborhood search for a local car dealership, landscaper, restaurant, or any other business, at least eight of them will contact the company, visit the location, or buy online.

With over 172 million Smartphone users in the US in 2020, you can reap a lot from the local listing if you do it right.

What Are Local Listings

As an experienced top SEO company, we give the most straightforward definition to help you understand this with ease. We use the phrase “local listings” to refer to online portfolios that contain essential information about your business.

Some of the local business listings that you may be familiar with are:

  • Google Places
  • Yelp
  • Yahoo
  • FourSquare
  • Yellow Pages

When you provide accurate information, your business becomes easy to search online. You can increase your search engine optimization further by adding alluring photos that make you look credible and authoritative.

Another important tip is to update your business listings regularly. This way, you enable business indexes to share accurate information about your business and your offers. A small error in one of them can translate into other listings.

What to Include In Your Business Listings

Business Name

The way you include your business name may make the difference between your success and failure. Remember that Google has the capacity to read street-level signage. The secret here is to ensure the title fully matches your print marketing, business log, and the sign of the business. Moreover, do not include any additional keywords or modifiers to your business title.

If you operate a multi-location company, you should never add a location or modify the name in any way in the local business listings, except Facebook.

For multi-practitioner businesses, use the name of the professional instead of the company. However, you can include the corporate title if only one practitioner operates in the firm.


The best approach is to use your real-world address. Post office boxes should not be used. Your street address should appear in the first line on Google. Mailbox goes to line two.

Phone Number

Google requires local area code numbers. However, they have been supporting toll-free numbers too. Whichever of two options you use, ensure you are consistent.

Website URL

According to Google, your listed URL has to go to the business page. Never refer them to a social media profile, any third party, and anywhere else.

For multi-practitioner, multi-department, and multi-location businesses, you can achieve great results by pointing the listing to the homepage. At the same time, listing for practitioners, departments, and branches can point to the relevant landing pages.

It is true that local business listings have varied categories. Other than the above, some additional data that you should try hard to include are:

  • Business description
  • Social profiles
  • Categories
  • Tagline
  • Images
  • Certifications
  • Brands carried
  • Accepted payment modes
  • Attributes
  • Fax numbers
  • Alternative phone numbers

If you do not have the time to include all the vital pieces of information or you are not recording increased conversion rates, contact us to make your life easy.

How We Make Local Listings Beneficial to Small Businesses


Small business owners appreciate that a limited marketing budget is one of the hurdles that limit their success. For this reason, many small businesses fail to increase their brand awareness for an extended period. Moreover, they struggle to boot their online visibility.

We feel for businesses that are going through such moments and offer affordable local listing services to mitigate the problems. For individuals who cannot afford a professional service provider, we advise them to take advantage of directories that allow businesses to list for free. Google My Business is the most effective and SEO friendly alternative that you can use.

Boost Visibility

Our well-trained SEO experts ensure you can list your business in several online directories. This means we position you in strategic places where many of your prospective customers can find you with ease. The increased visibility also leads to a heightened flow of visitors to your store location.

Enhance Organic SEO

When we place your business in many places, people who try to search for a local service provider in your locality has high chances of finding you. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, consider the consistency and accuracy of your business information when determining your ranking. Thus, the increased mentions, searches, and links indicate to search engines that you offer valuable and genuine services, which boost your chances of ranking favorably.

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