The SEO landscape has been changing consistently since the emergence of the Internet. In the initial days, link building was considered central to any successful optimization strategy. From Web Devotee’s many years of experience, we can confirm that the significance of building quality links is increasing. This crucial practice has never had a higher demand before today. Moreover, this trend is not about to change any time soon.

Why Link Building is Becoming More Useful

Discovers New Website Pages

Do you want your web pages to rank? If you do, you need to make it easy for search engines to crawl and index them. That cannot happen if you do not have quality backlinks.

When search engines crawl a page that has already been ranked and finds a link to your website, they follow it and discover the page on your site. From here, search engines can find other relevant pages on your site if you have internal links from that place to other pages. 

Determines How Your Webpages Rank

If search engines find your site legitimate and useful, they extract the content of the relevant web pages and add them to their indexes. They also analyze the pages to determine how well they should rank for different keywords.

When search engines are deciding how to rank your pages, they assess not only the quality of the page but also the number of links pointing to it from other sites. A high number of external links can grant you a favorable linking. But they must be high-quality links.

In the near past, it was simple. The higher the number of links, the more likely you would rank high in search results. That no longer works. This means unlike before, you cannot create many websites and link them to your website pages to rank well.

This is where the problem arises for many content marketers. They do not know legitimate ways to add backlinks, yet they want to make huge sums of money online.

What About the “no-follow” Attribute

Many web owners use the Nofollow attribute to protect their sites. Remember, quality links can grant you high rankings. Low-quality ones can also make search engines to penalize you. In essence, this attribute is a way of telling search engines to discount the link from consideration.

Some of the sources that you may not trust and have to use this SEO attribute are:

  • Yahoo Answers
  • Forum posts
  • Guest book comments
  • Guest post signatures
  • Editable wiki pages
  • Social media comments
  • Paid Links
  • Advertorials

How Web Devotee Helps You to Benefit from Link Building

Enhancing SEO Rankings

Despite the fact that the nofollow links cannot have a direct impact on your SEO ranking, you still need some of them. Users do not know the difference and can always follow these links to your site. But ensure most of your links are follow if you want to boost your SEO ranking within the shortest time possible.

As we have established above, this is the most obvious benefit of building links. If you do not have the skills, we can do all the hard work on your behalf as you focus on other essential aspects of your business that you understand best. This way, we help you to increase your ranking and overall business success without struggling with the technical details.

Other than that, there are some less obvious benefits that are, nevertheless, exceptionally worthy your consideration. 

Building Viable Business Relations

Since linking building in many instances involves outreach to other sites and blogs, it gives you the opportunity to network with many business owners within your industry. Often, the goal is to build links, but that comes with this benefit too. We cannot ignore the fact that long-term relationships are great for strengthening your relationship with your viable business partners.

Strengthening Brand

As many people get to know what you are offering, you expand your authority in the market. When you invest some time in content creation, many others also get the rare opportunity to see the expertise of your business. If you create a comprehensive guide that presents accurate statistics, facts, and research findings and outreach for links to the content, all you are doing is looking for your brand ambassadors.

Receiving Referral Traffic

Any amount of traffic that you receive on your site means a lot. This is especially true if you are selling products and services that are high in demand. At the same time, it applies if you are creating captivating content that converts your visitors into fans and clients.

If the link is relevant, you can expect a high volume of the relevant traffic too. When these visitors are satisfied, they keep coming and referring to their friends. Ultimately, search engines notice the high level of interest and rank your site much better than your competitors do.

With our multilingual link building service, we are able to help your websites do well in all your most important language zones. Whether your audience speaks German, Russian, Portuguese, and/or English, this service can help you receive more traffic.

Are you seeing why Web Devotee is investing a lot in link building to keep you informed? Start building quality links now.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly now. One of our friendly experts is on standby to listen to you and answer your questions.