Many unsuccessful business owners claim that public relations (PR) have no place in digital business. They try to adopt modern market tactics only, but this is not the way.

We still value the traditional way that mass media used to promote products, services, and businesses. However, in the present era, we help our clients to go beyond that and use online means to achieve their goals. The only way you can make your marketing objectives in the modern world is to borrow the same old marketing concepts, improve them, and then build your business presence aggressively using the most appropriate online channels.

The Role of Social Media

Whenever we talk about digital PR, we have to talk about social media. We have not found a highly useful tool that can help people to leverage public relations more than social media. It empowers you to engage with your audience, study the marketing tactics of your competitors, and learn emerging business trends.

We train our clients to create a content strategy that ensures they write and publish quality content consistently. As they do this, they also continue to promote them on social media and ask their friends, business partners, and other followers to not only share but also support it.

For that to happen, we help them to find or create content that is useful and worth sharing.

The majority of internet users are on various social media channels. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any of the others, you are able to reach your customers with ease and win the bulk of them. As you can see, social media gives us the opportunity to communicate with our target audience in a better way than traditional PR.

Repurpose Content

For you to be able to establish your reputation and authority in the market, your relevant content needs to be shared widely.

Almost all businesses have some form of content. Instead of creating new ones, you can repurpose these ones and share them on different platforms. You can take your blog posts and present it in a different format.

For example, you can take your guest blog post, rewrite it, and post on a digital newspaper. Alternatively, you are able to present it as a short video and an infographic.

Benefits of Digital PR

Build Relationship

As you build your brand awareness, you get the chance to develop valuable relationships with your audience. When individuals can relate to the business, they find it easy to buy from you. The good news is that when we help you to make the best use of your social media channels, you can achieve this milestone within a short time without spending a lot of time.

Improve Search Rankings

When you have adequate quality backlinks, your audience can trust that you are reliable. To get these links, you can undertake activities such as guest-posting on industry-specific platforms. Ensure that the publication is trustworthy to be able to convince Google’s algorithms that they deserve a higher ranking.

Of course, this only works if you secure the links back to your site.

Increase in Sales

Once you target the right audience and build an ideal relationship with them, you can expect an increase in your sales volume. Digital PR is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so you need to be patient. But in case you fail to target the relevant market, you may wait for long without reaping any benefits. As such, if you have problems with ways to do this, consider working with a credible digital PR agency.

How to Measure Digital PR

We help our clients to gauge the efficiency of their digital PR strategy by using a variety of efficient tools. Some of them are Precise and Google Alerts, which help to track the exact places and time when their businesses are mentioned.

You are also able to use Majestic or Ahrefs to analyze mentions from sources that have linked back to your site. Check the backlink profile for detailed information on these types of links.

You can use Moz Link Explorer, SEMrush, and Buzzsumo to measure the performance of your digital PR campaign.

Return on investment can be another way to measure the performance of your digital PR. Here, you need to take caution since there may be no apparent relation between your return on investment and public relations in the initial stages. 

However, you have a reason to be concerned if brand awareness fails to translate into an increased customer base after a few months.

Get Started

Whether you want an experienced digital agency, such as Web Devotee, to do your PR campaigns or you have chosen to handle it on your own, the most important thing is that you get started. Once you do that, you can learn what is giving you the best results and what is not and make the necessary changes.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We exist to serve you.