When you have an important question, where do you turn to first for an accurate answer? Most likely, you resort to your preferred search engine, and that is probably Google. Millions of people are doing the same. Google answers more than four billion search queries daily.

When you search for answers online, the links that appear are content. This tells you how much the world is consuming content every day. In simple terms, if your business is not creating content, then something is wrong. You are simply far behind the curve.

Reasons Web Devotee Advocates for Creating Content

Increased Leads

Businesses that generate enough content can attract a suitable target audience. We have established that this approach brings in more than thrice as many leads as the traditional methods. Other than that, it cost 62% less.

Additionally, small businesses that create and promote their content on social media and other platforms attract 126% more leads than their counterparts that use traditional tactics. This means our content creation service helps our clients to attract a significantly large number of potential customers at a substantially low cost.

We can help you to create a multilingual content creation strategy to target the global audience. Other than English, many people use German, Russian, and Portuguese online. Only localized content can address the needs of each of these market segments.

Business Growth

The increased traffic results in more sales. As you likely know, this only applies if your content marketing strategy targets the relevant audience. For example, if you sell office furniture and market to people who are planning to start working from home, you are likely to convert many of your leads. This cannot be the case if you focus on farmers.

Businesses get 61% of purchases from people who read their blogs. Perhaps, this shows why you need to invest your time and money to create engaging and useful blog posts that address the needs of your audience.

Does Web Devotee Think Buyer’s Journey Matters

We agree that each of your prospects follows a specific journey before they become your clients. You should have this path in mind when creating your content strategy. Some are at the awareness stage. Others are at the consideration and decision stages.

When you create content for your buyers that are at each of these stages, you ensure all your online visitors feel that they are getting useful information.

The format of content that you choose also determines how your audience at each of the three stages views you. A new visitor can appreciate a quick checklist and not a live demo of your products. A blog post that proposes real solutions to their problems can also win the heart of these individuals.

 However, a lead that is at the decision-making stage needs a demo of different products to be able to choose the best one.

Here are some of our content formats that can address your content needs at each of the 3 stages.


  • Ebook
  • Blog post
  • Checklist
  • Whitepaper
  • Quiz
  • Infographic


  • Template
  • Worksheet
  • Podcast
  • Webinar
  • Comparison matrix


  • Coupon
  • Free trial
  • Product guide
  • Demo

How to Get the Best Content Ideas

Conduct Keyword Research

If you want to know what your audience is saying about a particular topic, execute in-depth keyword research using the right tools. Address the issues that concern them the most. Moreover, as you search, be open to discovering more writing opportunities that you have never imagined before.

Evaluate Customer Feedback

Some of your customers leave the relevant feedback whenever they purchase your products. Others do not, so you must ask them to give you their views about your product or service. Once you get them, create content around those ideas, and your existing customers will feel you are interested in their success.

Investigate the Activities of Your Competitors

Seek to know what your competitors are writing about and use that to understand what you should do. The research can help you to know whether you should borrow some of the same ideas. Besides, it should guide you on how to differentiate the voice of your brand and content from others. If you can identify gaps in your competitors’ content marketing strategy, you are better placed to create the type of content that stands out in the marketplace.

Become a Unique Content Creator

You are not the only content creator in your industry. Moreover, some of the experts have covered almost every topic that you can think about now. That means if you are not able to establish a unique voice, your career will be short-lived despite the ideas that you have on the table. Your content will not stand out, and no one wants such stuff.

If the company you are working for allows you to write opinionated content, consider that as an opportunity to establish your unique voice. Offer personal stories and insights that make the audience feel you are genuinely interested in them.

At the same time, if the brand prefers overly formal content, find the appropriate ways to indulge in ideas that inspired you to join the company. By being able to blend the guidelines of the business with your unique perspectives, you can become an incredibly valuable content creator.

Use that to grow your business.

If you need help, contact us directly. The business of our friendly experts is to help you get or create unique content that converts.